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If You Open Your Eyez
And Improvize
You Can

A Video Podcast on the alchemy of Self-Empowerment.  
This Video Podcast takes special interest in the creative, generative ability of humans to take simple raw materials that otherwise serve no immediate purpose and to organize those materials in such a way as to craft into them a purpose that empowers the maker.

Those raw materials are not necessarily worth much in financial terms and are relatively easy to acqure but they are very valuable to the maker.  When the final product is formed, it is greater then the sum of it's parts.  And just may return to the maker a thousand fold his investment.  Once again, not necessarily in financial terms.

What are these raw materials?  That's what we are in search for.  But we know they may be of anything from paper to digital tools, stones, emotions, wire, wood, whatever.

All in all we mesh them together and make them dance and sing for us.  This is helping us to view the material world in a new light.  We hope you will join us in this discovery.

p.s.  a genius invented the water bong.
The purpose of this blog is to compliment and supplement the video podcasts which are short and to the point tutorials.  Here we can further expand and exchange ideas, share resources and simply further exploit ourselves to the world.  Just kidding.